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Founded in 1991, Centastage exclusively produces world premieres of new works for the stage by New England playwrights.




  • Centastage exists to create a collaborative environment in which playwrights, composers, actors, directors, designers, and producers can come together to craft new work of outstanding artistic merit that reflects the human experience in an engaging and compelling way.


  • Centastage cultivates interest in world premieres by providing opportunities for new and non-traditional audiences to experience a wide variety of challenging, relevant and original works for the stage.


  • Centastage develops exhilirating theatre through staged readings, workshops, and full-scale productions.


  • As an alternative voice in the New England theatre community, Centastage advances artistic growth of regional playwrights as individuals, and as a group, by championing their work in New England, around the country, and the world.


Founders Joseph Antoun and John Schumacher

Women On Top, 1997

Phobias, 1993

Emerald City, 2001

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